Whup Ass

Based off of the trailer and stills from the (then) unreleased Hobbs & Shaw, created/recreated the auto shop.

Production Company: Above Average
Producer: Julia Berezovskaya
Director: Aristotle Torres
Director of Photography: Oren Soffer
Wardrobe: Jos Hurt
Makeup: Mary-Kate Gales
Production Design: Chloe Reisen
Art Director: Ian Burley
Set Decorator: Lauren Helms
Scenic: Arisa Taddei
Prop Assistants: Paul Hordan, Delaney Clifford
Weapons Fabrication, Set Renders & Dressing


A handful of days before production we lost our location. Luckily this set was modular, and locations had a backup. Layouts and designs are for the old location, but given the modular nature of this specific set we were able to adapt quickly to the new space.

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