Who We Are

With a decade of experience in production & design, Appledoorknob is a collective of artists, carpenters, technicians, producers, directors and creatives. Our designs can be seen on Netflix, Refinery 29, Time Inc., Huffington Post, BET, Amazon, has been staff picked on vimeo, and selected for Cannes, Sitges, The Manhattan Film Festival, and has been archived in MOMA.

Our commercial clients include Amazon Music, Apple Music, Maybelline, Pepsi, Hennessey, Papa Johns, Budlight, BodyArmor, Brisk, Beats by Dre and, Angry Birds among other world known brands.

The company was formed and is run by Chloe Reisen operating out of New York and LA, and creating all over the world with an incredible team of freelancers. Reach out for more information about how we work, or about joining our team.

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